Tier Pricing


How it works

When it comes to buying cannabis, not all look the same. Some flowers have less crystals whereas others are full of dense, trichome-filled buds. There’s a lot of range in the quality you can buy.
We have developed our pricing tiers to make your selection painless and simple.



Best value cannabis. Not the best in terms of appearance, but it can still give you a killer high. It’ll deliver solid effects with decent levels of THC. Our silver tier is often a great choice for those who want a potent product with a great value!



This quality of weed will give you an intense, potent high. Indica strains will instantly make you feel relaxed, mellow, and free of any pain and stress. Sativa strains will quickly give a boost to your mood and energy levels. Expertly cultivated and cured to provide rich terpene profiles for your experience!



Top-shelf quality. Plenty of strong, THC-packed trichomes, highly pungent. You’ll get a strong aroma and taste. Users who want a strong, flavorful high will opt for this tier.



This cannabis is the absolute best quality you can find. Only the very best buds are reserved for this label, meaning every strain will look fresh, thick, and full of trichomes. You’ll get a super strong aroma and it’ll taste incredible! Users who want connoisseur grade cannabis will opt for this tier.